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HEPA Cartridge Filters

The original replacement part for the Kerstar Type H ranges of vacuum cleaners providing outstanding filtration characteristics and performance and is the only recommended replacement part. All Kerstar HEPA Filters for Type H Models are H14 grade.

  1. HEPA Cartridge Filter KV 20-45 H (260mm Dia x 145mm)

  2. HEPA Cartridge Filter KAV 20, 30 & 45 H KEVA 20, 30 & 45 and KEVA 20, 30 & 45H (ATEX 260mm Dia x 145mm)

  3. HEPA Cartridge Filter KV15/1H & KV18/1 H (230mm Dia x 65mm)

  4. HEPA Cartridge Filter KV10/1 H (225mm Dia x 55mm)

  5. HEPA Cartridge Filter KAV 15 H & KAV 18 H (ATEX 230mm Dia x 65mm)

  6. HEPA Cartridge Filter for PCV2 (150mm Dia x 60mm H12 grade)



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HEPA Cartridge Filters

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