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32mm D12 Dry Vacuum Tool Kit
For KV 10/1 AV

An excellent tool kit for the KV10/1 AV model offering exceptional quality and versatility of function comprising of the following individual components:-

  1. 32mm x 2.5M Crushproof Hose Assembly

  2. 32mm Stainless Steel Bent Hose End with Suction Adjuster

  3. 32mm Stainless Steel Wand

  4. 32mm Stainless Steel Curved Wand

  5. 32 x 300mm Dry Floor Tool for KV 10/1 AV

  6. 32mm Double Taper Tube

  7. 32mm Stair Tool

  8. 32mm Crevice Tool

  9. 32mm Dusting Brush



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32mm D12 Dry vacuum Tool Kit

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