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PCV1, PCV2, PV1 and Uprights
Pac Vac PV1

A heavy duty rucksac style vacuum cleaner for industrial use. A robust construction and large capacity make this model most suitable for factories, workshops and portable use.


  • Twin fan motor

  • Thermal switch protection against overheating

  • Double insulated/Class 2 construction

  • Double filtration – Disposable paper bag and pleated cartridge filter

  • Choice of disposable paper bag or reuseable cloth bag

  • Extension wands and bent hose end made from non-magnetic 304 Grade Stainless Steel

  • Supplied with full tool kit:-

  • 32mm x 1.25 metre crush proof hose

  • Stainless steel bent hose end with suction control valve

  • 2 x Stainless steel wands

  • Combination tool

  • Stair tool

  • Dusting brush

  • Crevice nozzle

  • Double taper tube



1000w Max
800w Mean


230v/110v 50/60Hz


Max Airflow 43.5 Litre/Sec
Max Vacuum 2,500mm

Cleaning Range

22.5 Metres 73 Feet

Capacity Litres


Dimension(H x W x D) mm






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Pac Vac PV1

32mm D11c Dry Vac Tool Kit for PV1

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