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PCV1, PCV2, PV1 and Uprights
PCV1 & PCV2 Vacuum Cleaner

For the shop floor and Service Engineers Compact yet powerful the PCV range is built to give long service and high performance. It is designed to be used for cleaning during the manufacturing and servicing process in a low hazard material environments, for example on a heating and boiler production line. Any static electricity build up is taken to earth through its conductive hose system. A high filtration standard is achieved through the use of a special high efficiency paper bag and secondary filtration system. The PCV1 Model is equipped with a third and final stage of filtration in the form of a microfilter disc and the PCV2 utilises a third and final stage of the filtration in the form of a H12 class HEPA filter to offer an amazing filtration performance of 99.50% efficiency.


  • Compact single fan motor

  • Thermal switch protection against overheating

  • Speed control

  • Fully earthed bonded to dissipate static build up

  • Three stage filtration:-

    1st Paper bag for photocopier/toner dust

    2nd High efficiency cloth bag

    3rd Circular microfilter or Hepa filter on PCV2

  • Sturdy carrying case houses PCV and tool kit


    Supplied with full tool kit:

  • 25mm x 2.5m antistatic hose assembly

  • 32mm Antistatic crevice tool

  • 32mm End brush for crevice tool

  • 32mm Swivel dusting brush

  • Optional yellow coily lead and wristband to prevent static build up in operator



900w Max / 750w Mean




Max Airflow 32 Litre/Sec
Max Vacuum 2,500mm

Cleaning Range

15 Metres / 50 Feet

Capacity Litres

PCV 2.5L

Dimensions (H x W x D) mm

PCV 230x180x410
PCV in Case 300x240x460


PCV 4.2
PCV in Case 6.6



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PCV1 Vacuum Cleaner

PCV2 Vacuum Cleaner

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